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  1. Award Winning
    As the chief trainer Michael was responsible for training multiple dog teams that have placed in working dog competitions across the southwest region including 2nd place at the Riverside K9 Trials as well as 3rd place at the Hard Dog Fast Dog Competition.
  2. What Suits Your Dog
    Our training is fully catered around what suits your dog. No two dogs are the same. Our free evaluations will allow us to observe and recommend what is best suited for you and your dog's needs.
  3. Feedback
    Much of our training is developed from your feedback as the dog's owner and handler. After each session I will ask for detailed feedback to help plan future sessions.
About us
SouthWest Semper Fido was started by Michael, a former United States Marine Corps Chief Trainer and Handler for the Military Working Dog program.  Michael has trained dogs to perform at the highest standard and under the most difficult conditions known to our country's military.  While attached to the United States Secret Service, he has conducted multiple explosive detection missions with a military working dog for senior White House personnel such as the President of the United States, Vice-President, Secretary of Defense, etc..  Michael's passion to work with these amazing animals has driven him to bring all of his experience and knowledge to you and to share the best training methods used by the United States Department of Defense, Homeland Security and other federal agencies.  Training your dog in a positive and fun environment will make them want to work for you.  This training is just as much about educating you (the handler) as it is about training your furry family member.  Our goal is to not only train your dog, but give you the tools needed to keep that training up as you enjoy a lifetime of fun together.
  1. Experience
    Michael has spent more than 7 years as both a military working dog handler as well a military working dog trainer. His natural ability to read dogs and adjust training for different dog's needs, earned him a position as the chief trainer in the United States Marine Corps. He was responsible for all training conducted for the various military working dog teams.
  2. Passion
    Michael's love for these four legged companions has turned from a joy of having pets to his drive to train them resulting from his time as the chief trainer for the United States Marine Corps military working dog section. His pure love for dogs is shown in his positive and fun training styles.
Our Customers
  1. “Mike is clear, direct and patient. He is good at reading dogs to read what level of correction is needed.”
  2. "Michael's training of both the dog and the owner as a team is unique and successful. His method of reward and praise for the dog when a command is followed really works well."
  3. "Michael not only demonstrates a high level of knowledge during the canine training, he demonstrates patience and commitment to achieving success for both the dog and the owner. His directions and explanations are clear and effective. His praise for the dog for a task well done is genuine."